“Green” Management of Waste

Vereco is committed to the environment; all our work operations pursue the aim of reducing environmental pollution withdrawing special waste, storing and transferring it to waste treatment or recovery plants that allow re-use, without affecting other resources; paper, iron, wood, plastic can become new design objects, sculptures, clothes, accessories, etc …

Green is in the air: you may have also noticed the new global economic need, which finally prefers a production regime focused on low environmental impact, no longer as a utopia but an essential need for the maintenance of natural resources.


Vereco is a bearer of this trend, actively preserving the environment every day, thanks to a varied range of treatments for each type of waste, then stored and transferred, to reintegrate it in the production cycle (avoiding potential environmental damage that would instead cause its removal).

Basically minor measures are enough to reduce environmental pollution: for example, for its coordinated image our company uses recycled paper, made from biomass of fibres from renewable crops such as cotton, bamboo, without tree cellulose. This is a naturally different paper.


Vereco uses digital IT systems to reduce the waste of printed mails and documents as much as possible. Additionally, we have significantly reduced the quantity of invoices to be sent by post and preferred electronic mailing.

Because even small gestures can change things.