Vehicles: Cleaning, Collection, Transport of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste

Our company has and uses a wide range of vehicles equipped with cutting-edge equipment in the field of ecology. We have vans and equipment for micro-collection, large and small removable containers, front loaders, vehicles equipped with a mobile arm (spider), sweepers, trailers, truck beds for the collection of hazardous waste, canal jets for hydrodynamic washing.

All our vehicles are registered in the Register of Third-Party Transporters and companies enrolled in the Register of Waste Management Companies for the transport of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, urban and special waste, solid and liquid waste:

Removable Tipper


Tipper truck equipped with an arm and a hook for the handling and transport of containers. The container is placed according to each customer’s needs and can come in a variety of sizes. It is collected and transported to the treatment and/or disposal sites.

Front loader


Characterised by front loading, the new and innovative garbage truck operates safely and effectively. The advantages are obvious for our customers: box pallets, smaller street litter bins, waste remaining at the customer’s company for a shorter time, shorter collection time, immediate weighing, and transport cost optimisation.



A vehicle equipped with a movable arm for widespread removal of material from the ground; it is operated by our specialised staff. It is suitable for cleaning areas occasionally or in any case to meet space requirements that do not allow the placement of usual containers. It is also the fastest service for top urgent assistance.



This is a useful means for long-distance transport of large loads of material.

Canal jet


A 10,000-litre tanker, equipped with a system of flexible suction pipes and a flexible hose with a particular nozzle which can perform hydrodynamic washing and remove ordinary and extraordinary obstructions thanks to its powerful water jet.

Small Body Truck


This is a pragmatic means, whose strength is its agility of movement, thanks to the reduced size of its frame and of the transported containers.
It is ideal for small construction sites and for difficult-to-access sites.

Truck Bed for Hazardous Waste


This is ideal for transporting hazardous waste packed in Big Bags, on a platform or in boxes.