Sorting/Recovery Plant

Plant for Waste Sorting and Recovery

Our company is committed to the environment; all our work operations pursue the aim of reducing environmental pollution

We offer a waste recovery service directly at our customers’ premises: each operation is carried out in full compliance with the current regulations and with particular attention to the environment and ecology. Solid waste is safely sorted and exploited in our mechanised sorting plant, so as to always offer the balance between productivity and environmental protection.

The waste recovery process begins at our disposal plants: the waste is compacted thanks to a waste baler in order to optimise transport to the final recovery plants. The waste is thus reused, contributing not to deplete the unstable eco-system and allowing considerable energy saving through its re-use.

Vereco’s goal is to work at its best to reach the highest percentage of material recovered from collected waste. In 2017, 11.463,88 tonnes of different materials were recovered from our plants: paper, wood, ferrous and non-ferrous materials, plastics, aggregates, polystyrene, glass, etc., fully exceeding the market standards. These results make us proud!