Sistri Consultancy

Waste Management and Consulting Services. Sistri for Companies

Not only transport, recovery and disposal of waste, but also an excellent and accurate service of consultancy and assistance that operates at the forefront of the most modern systems in the field of customer satisfaction and customer service.

SISTRI is the Traceability Control System for Hazardous Special Waste

Through the use of electronic devices called USBs, connect to the INTERNET in order to allow data transmission and to electronically sign the handling of waste (producers, transporters, recipients and intermediaries).

The System is fundamental to guarantee transparency and prevent illegal acts. Through proper waste management, a reduction in environmental damage is guaranteed.

Our Company is ready to assist our Customers with the necessary steps for a correct management, application and use by the Producers:

  • Initial registration to SISTRI;
  • Modifications and integrations to existing registrations;
  • Phone or direct assistance with the use of the USB device at our customer’s premises;


As SISTRI evolves periodically from the legislative and operational standpoint, our company also guarantees assistance and continuous updates through training courses held at our headquarters.

Each course is tailored on our customers’ real needs and reserved for a limited number of people so that each person’s needs can be best met.