Plant for Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste: Collection, Transport, Disposal

Vereco deals with the collection, and transport of hazardous waste (to plants authorised for storage and transfer), ensuring full compliance with all procedures required by the European directives.

The disposal of hazardous waste is one of the most pressing and important issues of modern society. Hazardous waste must be managed through specific procedures able to remove the same hazard so that the disposal cycle does not turn into damage for the entire ecosystem and for all inhabitants.

Vereco (Our company) deals with the entire hazardous waste management cycle: collection, transport, storage and final disposal at authorised plants.


The collection of hazardous waste takes place in such a way as to guarantee the full compliance with all the necessary procedures: maximum safety in the withdrawal and collection, classification of the material, identification of the correct EWC code, transfer traceability and final disposal.


After collection, hazardous waste is transported safely to the storage and disposal plants. Moving waste is no less risky than withdrawing waste because any leakage of harmful substances can cause serious damage to the environment and to man. For this reason, Vereco has specific vehicles and assures its customers efficient and optimised transport of hazardous waste.


Thanks to the close collaboration with specialised analysis and research laboratories, Vereco guarantees the correct classification of all types of materials in order to ensure the proper disposal of hazardous waste and with its team of authorised professionals is ready to face any environmental problem.