Liquid waste

Liquid Waste Management and Disposal Services

Thanks to the use of latest-generation equipment and our professional experience, we are able to manage the disposal of liquid waste in every situation and circumstance.

Vereco supports companies in the liquid waste disposal operations offering the following services:


– Unblocking of sewage networks;
– High-pressure washing;
– Unblocking of drains, grilles, manholes;
– Cleaning of cesspits;
– Cleaning of IMHOFF tanks;
– Sucking of civil and industrial liquid sludges;
– Chemical analysis of removed material;
– Cleaning of tanks;
– Transport, treatment and disposal of liquid waste and sewage;
– Video-inspections.



All the services we provide to our customers are managed professionally and in full compliance with the law provisions: indeed, waste products can be highly harmful to people’s health and the environment. For this reason, we have all the ministerial approvals that set out the correct procedures for the disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous liquid waste.



Among the strengths of our company we can boast a fleet of versatile vehicles that allow the full management of the different types of waste, thanks to the collaboration with transporters specialised in purging wells – canal jets, equipped with advanced equipment: vans, cisterns and tankers, drainage tanks, canal jets for hydro-cleaning services. Our operators are so skilled and our specific vehicle fleet is so widespread in our area that we can provide our customers with our prompt service, even in case of urgent and sudden needs.



Vereco has always been aware of the vital importance of water resources, avoiding pollution themselves: thanks to its partnership with specialised sewage plants, the purified water is safely controlled and re-introduced into the environment.


Liquid waste disposal is regulated by specific regulations. Liquid waste includes industrial waste products, non-poisonous fluids and sludges, percolates and industrial waste, agricultural and food waste, waste from carwashes and apartment buildings, waste from processing water, waste from inks containing water, solvents, paints, oils; in general, substances that can cause pollution if re-introduced into the water system, with serious consequences for the environment and for humans. This type of waste must be treated by companies specialised in the management of special hazardous and non-hazardous liquid waste; each activity must be carried out in compliance with the current and local regulations in force.