Vereco for the Companies: Waste Collection and Disposal – Waste Recovery – Consultancy


In Line With the Times

New government regulations favour companies that choose environmental enhancement and study eco-compatible projects to evolve their objectives. Vereco will make these choices feasible and fruitful for your business.


Allies of the Environment

Our company is at the forefront with all the tools needed to make your company go green: we are aware of the dynamics and benefits to the image that you will enjoy over your competitors.


Green economy

Following this philosophy of collective health care, we can harmonise the exploitation of resources, the direction of your investments and the eco-sustainable orientation that has also involved the technological, institutional and social contexts.

Vereco Environmental Services: Our Mission

For over 30 years, our company has been a leader in managing the collection, disposal and recovery of industrial and commercial waste. We have chosen a production regime that focuses on low environmental impact thanks to a set-up of our activities based on a varied range of assistance services for each type of waste.

Transport and Waste Recovery

We deal with waste collection directly at the customer’s premises. Each type of waste is then properly transported to our plants thanks to a large fleet of specialised vehicles for the transport of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Sistri Consultancy

Not only transport, recovery and disposal of waste, but a true and precise service of consultancy and assistance that works for customer satisfaction. Our philosophy is aimed at relieving our customers from any type of concern by continuously informing them about the updates of the regulations in force and continuous assistance with environmental compliance.

Turin Waste Disposal

The disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste is one of the most pressing and important issues of modern society. In particular, hazardous waste must be managed through specific procedures able to remove the same hazard so that the disposal cycle does not turn into damage for the entire ecosystem and for all inhabitants.

Tons recovered: 4.701,91*
Percentage of recovery on the total: 50,30%










Glass and other materials



*data updated as of 30/06/19

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